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Brian's journey into sound began nearly a decade ago when he began to hear oto-acoustic emissions (OAEs) ...

OAE's are sounds generated by the energy of the outer cochlear hair cells and can be detected when a microphone is placed within the external auditory canal. So in a way, you not only hear sound with your ears but your inner sounds are also broadcast out of your cochlea like its an old-timey victrola!

Hearing OAEs is quite an interesting experience to say the least. Brian began hearing the whirring sounds of his nervous system and the more steady tones of his blood. What's more, he realized that his nervous system sounded completely different when he was in a state of stress rather than when he was in a more relaxed state. He began experience with a wide range of vocal techniques and instruments to see if he could more greatly affect the sounds he heard from his own body. Not only was he able to successfully do this through his own voice and crystal singing bowls, but he was able to apply these techniques to helping others reach a greater state of peace and calm too! Brian has been hosting sound celebrations

Brian enjoys creating sounds with his beautiful wife Caileigh (pictured above)

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