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Freedom Cleanse

7 Day Freedom Cleanse
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What’s the best way to start the day? Gratitude + green juice of course! Everyday, we wake up and have a choice: to live a conscious life aligned with our heart or to keep on re-playing the same unconscious patterns and beliefs over and over again like Groundhog’s Day! But when follow our heart’s guidance—no matter how big or small—we strengthen our faith in ourselves and allow life to support us!

Join us for an amazing 7-Day FREEDOM Cleanse from July 1st-7th, 2018. We are partnering with the amazing Detox Specialist, Rita Jean (, who is also a world-renowned expert on Iyengar Alignment Yoga. We are incredibly excited to offer such a transformational cleanse that will let freedom ring into your life! 

Once you sign up, you will be added to our exclusive Facebook Freedom Cleanse group and receive...

  • How-to Detox eBook

  • Daily Yoga Alignment Videos (Powerful techniques to transform your practice)   

  • Delicious Raw Vegan + Juice Menu and eBook

  • Guided Healing Meditations to assist with releasing trapped emotions from the body!       

  • Crystal Sound Healing mp3s to support sleep    

  • Invitations to two Live Q & A sessions to answer all of your detox questions during the cleanse!

Join us NOW and lets raise a glass of juice and cheers to FREEDOM!

Welcome to Your Sound Life


Sound mind, body and soul is your birthright!

The natural frequencies of your body resonate you with a state of health and harmony.

Stress frequencies override your natural frequencies and cause you to fall into a state of disease.

Our mission is to return your being to its natural state of harmony so you can create the most beautiful life possible!

We use the harmonics in our voices, crystal bowls and recorded frequencies to help you remember what harmony sounds like. Through the power of sound is the space to heal.

Our healing through sound has been a journey of a lifetime! We love to share our sound so that everyone may tune in to the ability to heal through harmonics.

May you live your perfect life and be sound now,

Anahata & Calliope

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How It Works

Sounds that heal and sounds that harm. We know them when we hear them.     But what makes us resonate with one sound and be repelled by another? Read on to see how sound brings us harmony and health!

Sound Benefits

Sound gives us so much. It resonates deeply with our soul to express what words cannot. Now here's a bunch of words describing all of what sounds can do for you!

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The Science of Sound

We can't see sound ... or can we!? New research on the science of sound show why sound is the past, present and future of healing.Sound gives us so much. It resonates deeply with our soul to express what words cannot. Now here's a bunch of words describing all of what sounds can do for you!

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The Rainbow Voice

Notes To Live By: Tones of The Chakras

The Rainbow voice is a style of overtone singing that is as magical as the rainbow. All the overtones exist in a perfect harmonic geometry that brings balance to the body. It does not even sound like a human being is creating these sounds, it's more like the sound of pure harmonics coming through the pure vessel of the human voice. Learning the rainbow voice took years of practice and only continues to deepen as the years go by. Listening to this pure sound reminds us of our essence. It helps us rediscover the pure frequency deep within and dissolve all the layers we've built around us that are not in harmony. Hearing this rainbow sound is like a call home that I feel answered in the depths of my heart. May you be well and happy and go forever over the rainbow!


Sound Spaces: Healing through Sonic Intervals

The Chinese sage Lao Tzu referred to “the perfect fifth,” (the interval created by the tones C and G) as the sound of universal harmony, balancing the forces of Yin and Yang. The great philosopher and mystic Pythagoras was also tuned into the same musical wisdom and he created the Pythagorean Scale. This scale created all the intervals -the distance between the notes- in relation to the Perfect Fifth. 

"Notes to Live By" is an album of healing tones that puts your seven main chakras back into balance through listening to the seven notes of the Western Musical Scale. According to research at the Bioacoustic Institute, our voices can literally be missing notes which causes us to be deficient in certain frequencies that allow our bodies to function optimally. By listening to “Notes to Live By,” you entrain your body and voice to incorporate the missing notes into your vocal range and restore yourself to harmonic health. Hearing these tones made through the medium of crystal singing bowls is sure to bring you into balance with harmonic health!


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It has been known for thousands of years that listening to the intervals restores harmony in the body, mind and soul by resonating the spaces of the body with harmonic sound. Now, you can listen to these intervals through the medium of crystal singing bowls and activate the healing power within!

The "Journey of the Universe" piece was composed and produced by my friend Jaime Estallela. We came together on this piece in the spirit of using the otherworldly sounds of the bowls to imagine the journey of the Universe from its conception to its dissolution. From the big bang to the big crunch, this piece elegantly traces the creation of the stars in this Universe we call home. Join the journey today!


Time for a Tune-up!


In-person Sound healing

Sound healing gives you the deepest relaxation you’ve ever felt, releases physical, mental and emotional suffering and even visions of worlds beyond!

         Life Guidance Session

“What is the one thing you can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”  We help you find answers to the most important questions of your life to define the vision that you want to bring into the world!

Group Sound Healing Sessions

Group sound healing bring friends, families, co-workers and organizations together to share the universal experience of soothing sound and discover deep peace together!


Sound Heal and Celebrate in Paradise

Join us for another EPIC adventure in the jungles, mountains, and oceans of Costa Rica in march of 2018! 

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Success Stories

“The sound healing experiences are so powerful that it is extraordinarily difficult to articulate into words---it is simply something you must experience in order to truly understand. At a minimum, I would describe these sessions as a liberation of, and yet at the same time a capturing of, the deep and powerful energy within ourselves and the world around us.”