The sound healing experiences are so powerful that it is extraordinarily difficult to articulate into words—-it is simply something you must experience in order to truly understand. At a minimum, I would describe these sessions as a liberation of, and yet at the same time a capturing of, the deep and powerful energy within ourselves and the world around us
— Dr. Lisa Hammond

I had a sound healing session with Brian and it was a truly healing experience for me physically mentally, and spiritually. I have a new perspective and great respect on healing and spirituality. Thank you Brian for awakening my senses!
— Sonhui Rowe, BSN

Sound Healing with Brian over the last three years has been an incredible journey into rejuvenation, relaxation and self-discovery. I feel that Brian’s sounds have helped to greatly improve my eyesight as well as helping to reduce inflammation in my body. After a series of brain injuries, Brian’s sound healings helped to reduce brain fog and restore mental clarity. Brian is a highly gifted healer and works with the most powerful practices that bring harmony to the body, mind and soul. I’d highly recommend scheduling a session with him!
— Dr. Rudy Schild, Astrophysicist at the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Healing with Brian was a magical experience! Hearing the tones transported me to another place entirely. I was in a beautiful garden with Brian and we were singing and dancing. Our bodies were just outlines of light and there were rainbows shining all around us. Sound truly opens doorways to new worlds and helps us celebrate who we truly are!

I very much enjoyed my sound healing sessions with Brian. It is very peaceful to hear the soothing sound of his voice and crystal bowls and feel the vibration move through my body. He creates powerful sounds through his vocal ability able to hit both high and low overtone harmonics. After sessions, I have had increased range of motion, flexibility and a lightness of being that leaves me tuned and refreshed!

Experienced my first sound healing last night with Brian Anahata at the Buddhist temple in Wakefield. It was a comforting meditative experience that has left me feeling grounded and expansive with an open heart and an open mind... but not too open. Like my pieces were put back together closer to my center, and anchored to my center.
— Nicole Anastas, Yoga Teacher