Sounding Space: Healing through Sonic Intervals

Sounding Space: Healing through Sonic Intervals


The ancient Chinese sage Lao Tzu referred to “the perfect fifth,” (the interval created by the tones C and G) as the sound of universal harmony, balancing the forces of Yin and Yang. The great philosopher and mystic Pythagoras was also tuned into the same musical wisdom and he created the Pythagorean Scale. This scale created all the intervals -the distance between the notes- in relation to the Perfect Fifth. It has been known for thousands of years that listening to the intervals restores harmony in the body, mind and soul by resonating the spaces of the body with harmonic sound. Dr. John Beaulieu found that the Pythagorean Intervals have an elemental correspondence to Chinese medicine that helps us understand how the sounds return us to harmony. All the notes and intervals are important to listen to because they train the body to have tonal integrity. According to the Bioacoustic Institute, 'missing notes' in your voice corresponds to energetic imbalances that lead to illness. So by listening to these tones, you restore your tonal integrity. If practiced faithfully, listening to the intervals gives your voice a richer harmonic sound that contains all the major musical notes and allows these frequencies to resonate your being with health and harmony.

Here is a description of the Intervals:

C-D (2nd Interval), Falling Water, 11min.

The second interval is said to calm the kidneys and bladder which are associated with the water element in chinese medicine.

C-E (3rd Interval), Falling Fire, 11min.

In Chinese medicine and tonal alchemy, the third interval is known to calm the heart and small intestines as well as digestion. This tone directs energy down into our core and relaxes the solar plexus chakra.

C-F (Perfect 4th Interval), Falling Air, 11min.

The 3:4 harmonic ratio of the perfect fourth has the elemental quality of descending or "falling" air. This tone helps to bring the prana -or energy- of the air element down into the body. The fourth is also known for calming the lungs and large intestines. This interval, which is used in “Amazing Grace” and “Here Comes the Bride” creates a feeling of serenity, lightness, openness.

C-G (Perfect 5th Interval), Rising Air, 11min.

In India, the fifth is believed to create a sound through which Shiva calls Shakti to the dance of life. The Perfect Fifth is the essence of all intervals. The 2:3 ratio between the tones creates a sound that brings one into homeostasis between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Dr. John Beaulieu demonstrated the scientific validity of this effect with tuning forks and the effect is even more powerful through crystal singing bowls which vibrate higher and at a deeper resonance

In examining the human body it is found that anatomical proportions resemble the waveform expression of musical intervals based on the Perfect Fifth. The two tones of a musical interval relate to each other in a very specific ratio. One example of the interval of a perfect fifth can be heard by listening to the notes G=384hz and C=256hz. These are the notes used in this recording.

C-A (6th Interval), Rising Fire, 11min.

The 6th interval is similar to the perfect fifth in that it is part of the fibonacci sequence and creates a golden ratio, the geometrical pattern we see throughout nature. The sound of the sixth energizes and uplift us. It can give us a sense of peace and a feeling of floating. In Chinese Medicine, the Sixth is also associated with the element of fire rising up to the sky!

C-B (7th Interval), Falling Water, 11min.

The seventh interval is played right before resolution to the next highest octave. It has a feeling of incompletion that requires the next highest note to be back in balance. Instead of using a pythagorean ratio, I use an equal-tempered ratio for this tone to make the return back to the pythagorean ratio that much more obvious. I recommend listening to this track for only a small amount of time and then playing a harmonic interval like the 4th or 5th to notice and feel the difference!

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