Notes To Live By: Tones of The Chakras

Notes To Live By: Tones of The Chakras


"Notes to Live By" is an album of healing tones that puts your seven main chakras back into balance through listening to the seven notes of the Western Musical Scale. According to research at the Bioacoustic Institute, our voices can literally be missing notes which causes us to be deficient in certain frequencies that allow our bodies to function optimally. By listening to “Notes to Live By,” you entrain your body and voice to incorporate the missing notes into your vocal range and restore yourself to harmonic health.

The tones of “Notes to Live By” were created by sound healer Brian Anahata and produced by Jaime Estallela. Jaime is a Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist, producer, sound engineer and composer who ensured the professional recording quality of these tones.

The tones were all created through the medium of crystal, the most harmonic material on the planet for creating sound. Quartz is especially good at transmitting the sound so hearing these tones electronically is like hearing them in person!

There are many ‘tones’ sold on the internet but OUR tones are based on A=432hz tuning, which is the harmonics that resonate with the body. A=440hz, our current tuning standard, induces dissonance and does not support our natural frequencies.

Each tone is 22 minutes long each for a total time of 3 hours. As you listen, you will feel the energy of each tone in the area of the corresponding chakra. Begin with the root and work your way up, or follow your intuition and listen to the tones that feel right to you. If the tones ‘don’t feel or sound good’ that is because they are undoing energetic blockages. Just be and allow the tones to do their work and you will feel the beauty and healing power of their sound!

Here is a description of each track:

“C” Note, 256hz, Root Chakra Tone, 22min.

The root tone was created through the sounding of a rose quartz and amethyst crystal singing bowl. These crystals carry a vibration of love and protection and are ideal for transmitting these attributes to the root chakra. This tone allows us to deeply ground and heal feelings of insecurity in out subconscious.The Root tone also helps to activate the kundalini energy at the base of the spine and taps us into our inherent strength and power!

“D” Note, 288hz, Sacral Chakra Tone, 22min.

The Sacral Tone was created through the sounding of an indigo and quartz crystal singing bowl. Indigo is a powerful vibration for working with your sacral chakra which is located two finger-lengths below your belly button. The sacral chakra is the prime center where energy comes into the body. This tone supports clearing blockages in the navel center to allow for unobstructed access to the life force. The Sacral tone also helps to stimulate the Dan Tien which holds the energy reserve for your body.

"E" Note, 324hz, Solar Plexus Tone, 22min.

The Solar Plexus Tone was created through the sounding of the white gold and quartz crystal singing bowl. We can visualize the solar plexus as a white-gold ball of energy in the center of your abdomen. The white gold energy of the bowl supports aligning your core with your will and "going with your gut." The Solar Plexus tone also helps to open you to radiate your power to the world.

"F" Note, 364.5hz, Heart Chakra Tone, 22min.

This Heart Tone was created through the sounding of a tiger's eye and quartz crystal singing bowl. Tiger's eye is known to improve our focus and aids in harmonious balanced action. The heart chakra in the middle of our chest is the center of our energy field and keeps us in harmonious balance. Listening to this tone and feeling it work to balance the heart chakra strengthens our entire field and aligns with vitality and the energy of loving kindness that emanates from the heart!

"G" Note, 384hz, Throat Chakra Tone, 22min.

The Throat Chakra Tone was created through the sounding of the turquoise and quartz crystal singing bowl. The energy of turquoise allows us to open our throat chakras, releasing energy blockages and opening the space of our throats to communicate more clearly. Listening to this tone tunes us to speak our truth and communicate confidently.

"A" Note, 432hz, Third Eye/Crown Chakra, 22min.

The Third-Eye Tone was created through the sounding of the peridot and quartz crystal singing bowl. We can visualize the third-eye as a pyramid shape in between the eyebrows in the center of the head. The peridot energy is very loving and perfect for attuning the third-eye to be guided by the heart. Peridot is also a powerful cleanser and aids the health of the immune system by neutralizing toxins on all levels. Listening to the third-eye tone helps to open the pineal gland which manifests as incredible insight and knowing.

"B" Note, 493hz 'Si' Tone, 22:00min.

The Crown Tone is different than the others which resonate at Pythagorean tuned frequencies. This is an equal-tempered tone that can be used to create the dissonance that disrupts unnatural frequencies in the body's harmonics. Listen to this tone after moving through all the other tones first and the resulting dissonance will work to destabilize the unnatural frequencies. This tone can also open the crown chakra but it's primary function is bringing dissonance to unnatural frequencies. Its best to only listen to this tone for a few minutes at a time! After listening to this tone, you can follow it by listening to the "C" note to return to a balanced harmonic state.

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