Sensory Ascension Healing: Sound, Fresh Juice & Herbal Elixirs

Sensory Ascension Healing: Sound, Fresh Juice & Herbal Elixirs

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Sensory Ascension Healing @ Infinite Possibilities Wellness Center

321 A Boston Post Rd, Unit 1, Sudbury, Massachusetts 01776

Are you ready to take your healing to the next level through sound, fresh juices and elixirs!? Then come share an incredible healing experience with world-renowned sound healer Brian Anahata and yoga teacher Caileigh Calliope this fall season. 

The journey begins when you lie down on your yoga mat and go into a deep meditative state through a guided visualization and the playing of the crystal bowls. As the sound of six 432hz bowls weaves with voice, chimes and traditional instruments, you'll be transported to a place of great healing and deep discovery.

Once you, awake from the sound healing, you'll enjoy a sampling of different fresh juices and elixirs while hearing about the best tips for being in radiant health. Caileigh and Brian are Certified Detox Specialists and will be highlighting the best practices to heal your body fast through fruits, juice, adaptogenic super herbs, potent energetic exercises and more! We'll also share on how we live the lightest brightest life imaginable to manifest our vision into reality. Are you ready to come play and ascend to the most beautiful you!? We can't wait!!!

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