Detox Coaching Session

Detox Coaching Session


Out of energy? Unhappy with your health! Time to get in the fast lane through a detox program tailored to your individual needs and guaranteed to put you on the path to radiant health and boundless vitality.

This session involves:

1) You filling out a detailed health intake form (which is then reviewed by Brian and Caileigh to develop an optimum detox protocol for you)

2) 90 minute in person or video call with Brian or Caileigh to create an action plan for your detox through dialogue as well as through the ‘Be Sound Now’ detox guide.

3) 2 Week Follow-Up to check on your follow through with your detox protocols, lifestyle transformation and progress on the path of radiant health and well-being.

Detoxing is about cleaning out our system on every level so that we return to receiving optimal nourishment through a pristine body, mind and spirit.

We provide you with the action plan to meet you where you are at and recommend the detox protocol, food, exercises and dietary practices you need to live a healthy vital lifestyle.

Detoxing requires your commitment to the process of becoming a more vital energized human. Caileigh and Brian have lived the difference and can't wait to help you transition your diet and lifestyle as you embark on a healing journey of a lifetime. Caileigh spent nearly two years teaching nutrition to high schoolers in New York where she developed her own healthy eating system that will put you on track for success!

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