Distance Healing

Distance Healing


One hour healing available online over google hangouts, skype or WhatsApp with a 15 minute pre-healing consultation. You don't even need video chat, just audio. In this type of sound healing you lie down, preferably with headphones, and close your eyes. Then the soundbath begins! This is completely different than a prerecorded session because it is intuited and the sound is tailored to your needs.

Also, the the quartz components of the computer make it ideal for carrying the sound of the quartz bowls to immerse you in an ocean of sound.

The conscious intent of the healing immediately reaches you during the healing because it does not have any distance to travel. Consciousness is “non-local”, which means it is not defined to any particular space. Therefore, a distance sound healing can be just as effective as one in person.

Healing at a distance works because ultimately there is no distance. The quantum entanglement of space proves that particles can be light years away yet still affect each other in less than a second. 


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