Breathe of Life: Peru Retreat 2018 Deposit

Breathe of Life: Peru Retreat 2018 Deposit


Third time's the charm! Fresh off two seasons of Peruvian Retreats, we are excited to bring you our third installment! Every time we go back we discover even more fun, amazing and spiritual sides to this enchanting land. The Sacred Valley is home to the Kundalini energy on Earth. Pachama means Earth in the native Peruvian tongue of Quechua. We come to Peru to balance this energy of empathy and nourishment within ourselves, giving back to Earth through the opening of our heart and the clarifying of our life's vision! We work with the best native guides and healers to give you one of the best experiences ever!

Put down your deposit now and join us for the retreat of many lifetimes!

Lock-in your spot today with a deposit  of $375. The full cost of the retreat is approximately $1,800 depending on the room arrangements you make with us. 

As soon as you sign-up, we will contact you to discuss the details!

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