In-Person Sound Healing

In-Person Sound Healing


Personal sound healings are held at the Wakefield Massachusetts office. House calls are also possible within a 40 mile radius.

Each session is personalized for the client's specific needs and a call is held beforehand to clarify the vision for the healing. 

The healing is not just a sound experience but also includes an array of essential oils, palo santo, crystals and more, but it's the sound that sends you to another world!

Sound healing gives you the deepest relaxation you’ve ever felt, releases physical, mental and emotional suffering and even visions of worlds beyond!

In a healing, you enter a meditative state and feel the sound open up the space within to release the energy that no longer serves and attune to the frequencies that restore you to a state of harmonic health. Many clients experience a deep release that amplifies their clarity and deepens their emotional well-being. Others experience deep insight into past lives that enables them to navigate current life challenges.

Through hundreds of healings, we have witnessed how sound and the will to heal makes anything possible! 

This may just be the most healing experience of your life!

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