22 Day Ultimate Liver Cleanse

22 Day Ultimate Liver Cleanse


The 22 Day Ultimate Liver Cleanse is an incredible detox for your entire body through deeply healing your liver. We will guide you every step of the way through action plans, recipes, yoga/qui gong routines, meal plans and more to help you heal from within. The Cleanse runs from September 1st-22nd, the day of the Fall Equinox! 

Register NOW before August 1st to get the cleanse for $44 before the price jumps to $65! Are you ready for your whole body to run better and feel the joy of radiant health!?


  • How-to Detox eBook

  • Delicious Raw Vegan + Juice Menu and eBook for Liver Cleansing

  • Yoga & Qui Gong Videos (Powerful techniques to transform your emotional & spiritual blocks)   

  • Guided Healing Meditations to assist with releasing trapped emotions from the body       

  • Crystal Sound Healing mp3s to support sleep    

  • Invitations to four Live Q & A sessions to answer all of your questions!

You will experience:

  • Restoring Your Liver!

  • Greater levels of energy & happiness  

  • Increased mental clarity & focus

  • Mastery of how to detox & prepare raw vegan recipes

  • Smoother & clearer skin

  • Decreased inflammation and pain in your body


In addition to our Liver Cleanse, we suggest using Prime My Body’s “Ultimate Liver Detox System.” You can purchase the system here which works in conjunction with our liver cleanse protocol.This system is the secret weapon of liver detox that is the first of its kind in the entire world. It just launched in the last few months after more than a decade of development by the brilliant biochemist Dr. Chris Shade.

It’s a 2-step system that supports elimination of toxins from your body, while minimizing their redistribution and re-absorption. This system is life-changing and we love incorporating it into our 21 day cleanse because it gets long-term results fast!

In Step 1, you take the Liver Clear formula to gently push toxins out of your cells and tissues. While there are many herbs you could take to push out toxins, they can take hours to absorb and don’t absorb well because they have to pass through the congestion of the GI tract. But with Dr. Shade’s patented liposomal technology, the blend of bitters in Liver Clear bypasses the GI tract to be immediately absorbed into the bloodstream. This fast delivery creates an immediate response in the liver to push out toxins.

Then in Step 2, you take the Mega Binder formula that catches the toxins in the gut and binds them together to be safely eliminated out of the GI tract. This is a crucial steps because herbs alone can cause an even bigger problem when the toxins stay in your body and reabsorb back through other pathways. Megabinder solves this problem by using the most cutting edge toxin-binders to catch all the toxins and then ease their elimination with soothing prebiotic herbs.
We love the Ultimate Detox System so much and hope you use it in conjunction with our 21 day liver cleanse!

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