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A yoga, sound healing and detoxification retreat in the Sacred Valley of Peru


Are you ready to transform into who you truly are? Then Peru is the place to BE.

The Sacred Valley is home to the greatest energy Mother Earth has to offer to rejuvenate, refresh and anchor in the real you! It's Caileigh and Brian's third Peruvian retreat and they can't wait to share the beauty of the sacred valley with you!

As soon as you land in Cusco, you'll feel the shift in energy and it won't be just the altitude - although you'll be gifted some coca leaves for that at the airport! It's said that in Peru, you see the results of your thoughts, words and actions manifest almost instantly in the situations that present themselves to you. Peru is the perfect place to mirror back to you where you are in your life's path and provide the space for you to align with your greatest self. Lock-in your spot today with a deposit  of $375. The cost of the retreat is $1825 per person for a double room plus single rooms and luxury rooms also available!


Choice between Garden Room or Luxury Room:

Retreat Package + 7 nights in a ...

Garden Room

Shared triple room and private bathroom (3 guests per room) = $1,777/person

Shared double room with private bathroom (2 guests per room) = $1,825/person

Private single room and private bathroom = $2,000/person

Luxury Room

Queen or king size room with private bathroom (2 guests per room) = $1,970/person

Queen size private room and private bathroom = $2,222  per/person      


Retreat Includes:                                 

  • 7 Nights at Willka Tika Retreat Cente

  • 3 delicious organic meals per day

  • daily yoga sessions

  • Daily morning meditations

  • Sound Healing and Mantra workshops with brian

  • Emotional healing workshop with Caileigh

  • Guided Meditations in Willka TikA Chakra Gardens

  • Ecstatic Dance Celebration

  • Detoxification Seminar for living in Alignment

  • 5 Tibetan Rites Practice and Qui Gong Course

  • Cacao & Kirtan Singing Celebration & Ceremony   

  • PRanic nourishment and sung-gazing workshop   

  • Round-Trip Group Ground Transport to/from the AirporT

  • SacreD Fire Under the Stars

  • heart-opening experience with a beautiful cOMMUNITY

  The early morning journey to Machu Picchu offers one jaw dropping view after another as it snakes its way along the river by the Inca Trail

The early morning journey to Machu Picchu offers one jaw dropping view after another as it snakes its way along the river by the Inca Trail




(At additional cost)

  • Journey to Machu Picchu & Aguascalientes on Inca Rail

  • Ceremony at Chinchaycocha and Andean home feast & Pisac Market  

  • Tours of Ollantaytambo & Hike to Naupa Iglesia at the Pachar Caves for Ceremony

  • Tour of the Inka MusEO

  • Service Trip: Yoga, painting, teaching and playing at local Peruvian School

  • massages, body Work and Solar Herbal plant baths under the stars

  • Opportunities for mountain biking, visit to Moray Ruins, river rafting and more!










On your way into the valley, you'll be greeted by the apus, the towering gentle mountains that have stood watch over the land for thousands of years. The energy they exude is as strong, grounding and protective as the kind people that call the sacred valley home. The smooth ride through the valley floor is dotted with sweet little farms, baby alpacas and Incan ruins that have withstood the test of time. Puffy white clouds cover the sky and the sun shines brightly on the abundant farmlands.


Walking into the Willka Tika Lodge is like finding yourself in the garden of Eden. Willka Tika means sacred house and it certainly lives up to its name. There are so many flowers and beautiful plants that it feels like the lodge is woven into nature herself.  Carol Cumes, the woman behind Willka Tika, came from South Africa over 30 years ago to open the first retreat center in all of the sacred valley. Overtime, she planted seven chakra gardens around the lodge, each a color of the rainbow and one of the seven chakras! The heart chakra garden is even shaped like a heart and the third-eye is a labyrinth! The vibration of each garden is well-grounded in the feeling of each chakra's energy as thousands of people have come to meditate by them over the years.

Willka Tika also has unique offerings that take the Lodge to whole new level. Their solar baths are carved from stone and set in secluded garden spots. Simply let the solar bath become heated and energized by the sun during the day and enjoy its waters - infused with flowers, medicinal herbs and organic Maras salt - under the moonlight! The Lodge also offers healing sessions with the crystal light therapy bed designed by world-famous Brazilian healer John of God that combines color, light, quartz crystals and music to clear and realign the body's chakras.  Traditional spa services are also offered including Andean massage, hot stone massage, shiatsu, reflexology and aromatherapy massage. All the rest, relaxation  you do at the lodge is balanced by the active adventures throughout the valley and beyond! Then, you get to come back and integrate it all in the peaceful gardens!

On our first night at the center, we get to know the tribe over a beautifully prepared, locally sourced organic dinner -fresh greens topped with diced tomatoes, sliced potatoes, avocado and with a side of butternut squash soup and chocolate mousse for desert! After dinner, we circle up around the fire, bring out the crystal singing bowls under the stars and feel into our intention for the week. Then it's off to bed to get rest for the morning's meditation, breathe work and yoga.

The Yoga, breathe work, sound healing and detox techniques that Brian and Caileigh teach create the space to heal and empower you with the tools for your transformation. The breathing techniques used come from the lineage of Yogananda and include more modern approaches like the Wim Hof Method and Akahi infinite breath technique. After this retreat, you will deeply know how to activate the 'breath of life' that aligns your spine for optimal health and incredible progress on your spiritual path.

Caileigh is a Mystical Yoga Instructor in hatha/vinyasa. She also draws  upon the Kundalini science of yoga and incorporates kriyas into her practice. Each day's practice is aligned with one of the seven chakras, building a strong foundation at the root and going to the edge on the last day with the crown chakra practice.  Brian accompanies morning yoga on the crystal bowls

and enjoys teaching on harnessing the power of sound for healing and aligning with your heart's calling. Learning how to apply emotional and physical detox to your life is another major facet of the retreat. This process digs deep and leads to some of the most lasting and impactful changes you can make in your life!





There is an excursion offered every other day to fully immerse you in the world of the valley.

One of the best is Chinchaycocha, 'The Lake of Kings,' where our guide Valerio leads us in a ceremony to connect with the land. Valerio is much more than just our favorite tour guide in all of Peru, he is also a steward of the land an apprentice to a master in the mountains. His gentle energy and words about connecting with the land set the stage for an individual meditation by the water's edge where beautiful long-tailed birds swoop down and touch the water with their wingtip. We gather back in a circle and share our experience, constructing cairns out of the beautiful rocks found along the shore.

Our hike back from the lake takes us to a charming native house where we share a traditional meal of vegetable soup and half a dozen varieties of potatoes with a Peruvian family. From there, it's on to the popular market of Pisac. This gem of the sacred valley is home to the best handicrafts ever! From baby alpaca fur coats to incredibly intricate bamboo flutes, this market has it all. The brilliant rainbow colors completely surround you on your way from a smoothie bar with over 40 fruit and veggie options through the carved cobblestone path lined with crystals, paintings and statues. There's even more to say about the excursions to Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu, but we don't want to spoil the surprises! Valerio does know all the secret ceremonial spots of Machu Picchu though so it's an awesome experience!

From meditating in the pachar caves to fire-walking on the final night, this retreat has everything you'd want to do in the valley. The best part of the retreat is YOU. It’s the beautiful tribe that is called to come that makes the retreat come alive. We'd love to have you join the tribe, experience yourself in a new way and spread your wings to soar like the Condor!




  Beautifully prepared breakfasts, lunches and dinners await you in the main lodge!

Beautifully prepared breakfasts, lunches and dinners await you in the main lodge!

  The Path along Chinchaycocha

The Path along Chinchaycocha

  Our firewalk on the last night of the retreat is an amazing way to come together to walk over the coals with clarity, confidence  and care!

Our firewalk on the last night of the retreat is an amazing way to come together to walk over the coals with clarity, confidence  and care!

Breathe of Love: Peru Retreat 2018 Deposit
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Retreat Leaders:


Brian and Caileigh have hosted five retreats in the U.S., Central America and South America over the last two years and are thrilled to be teaming up with detoxification specialist Rita Jean in the most beautiful retreat location yet!


Caileigh is a Mystical Yoga Instructor, Sound Healer, Raw Food Chef, Pranayama teacher and beacon of love dedicated to anchoring in Heaven on Earth. She leads International Yoga, Sound Healing and Raw Food Detoxification Retreats to Perú, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Belize, Mexico & France. She is an award-winning filmmaker and honors graduate of Haverford College, where she studied Anthropology and Documentary Film-making. She loves being active and moving her body–through yoga, kickboxing, rock climbing, running, cycling and mountaineering–as a way to connect with nature and travel the world. 








Brian is a sound healer and co-creator of an Earth in harmony. Through the power of his voice and crystal bowls, he channels healing energy to return people to their natural state of harmony. His spiritual name, “Anahata Nada,” means “unstruck sound” as well as the ‘heart chakra.’ Brian tunes into the sacred sound current to facilitate the most profound healing transformations. Brian also has the ability to hear oto-acoustic emissions, the natural frequencies emitted by the body. Brian has been an English Dharma Instructor for the Chogye Order of Korean Zen Buddhism since he was fourteen. During his semester abroad, He practiced meditation in a monastery in Bodh Gaya, India and studied throat chanting in Dharamsala at the Gyuto Tantric Monastery. He loves to spread the vibe of wholeness, happiness and health and receive all the blessings of this lifetime!





This retreat was one of the most powerful experiences I have ever participated in. It provides an opportunity to surround yourself in loving kindness, and healing energy, while embarking on a journey with like-minded and open-hearted souls. You achieve deep connection to the earth, to each other, and to yourself through multi-modality exploration including nutrition, yoga, meditation, sound healing, and friendship. I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone interested in embracing and achieving their highest self through spiritual awakening, deep healing, connection, community, and everlasting empowerment.”   Dr. Lisa Hammond

"I had the pleasure of enjoying a yoga and sound healing retreat with Brian and Caleigh back in October. It was in Peru and it was the most spiritual and awakening trip of my life. It really helped me to let go of so many things in my life that needed healing and to grown more as a person and to figure out more of my path in this life. I am thankful for both of them they are such beautiful souls and really guide you and help guide a path to your healing and what you want out of the retreat. I am so grateful to have been a part of such an amazing trip with amazing people"  Dahyam Matiz

"I have had the great fortune to connect with Brian and Caileigh in two ways in 2017 - numerous incredible evening sound meditations/healings in Massachusetts, and a fantastic week-long retreat to the Sacred Valley in Peru. The evening sound healings - sometimes with some teaching, always with the bowls, often with chant or vocals - have always been restorative, calming, and revealing to my psyche. The trip to Peru in October 2017 included Brian and Caileigh leading us on an exclusive, phenomenally well-planned journey...with the fantastic retreat center Willka Tika. The excursions were professionally led by Valerio Sasari (to Machu Picchu and to other known and less known sacred places in the Sacred Valley). The daily yoga/meditation/breath work sessions were lovely and led in a beautiful gathering space. I'll say "highly recommended"!  Sally Okoniewski

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