5 Reasons Why Our Tones are the Best


#1:  432hz Based Music & Tones

99% of the music you listen to is out of tune with the human body! My tones and music are based on A=432hz tuning, which is the harmonics that resonate with the body. A=440hz, our current standard, induces dissonance and does not support our natural frequencies. We make no medical claims with our music but as you can see from the video of the cymascope, "Just" intonation creates a more cohesive and harmonic structure than Equal Tempered (A= 440hz). Listening to 432hz based music aligns you with the harmonics you were meant to resonate with and restores balance, vitality and health!

#2: Made through the Medium of Crystal


Crystal is the finest instrument that we have created to capture the pure harmonics of sound. Computer-generated tones have their uses but when it comes to capturing the main harmonics and their intervals, there is no better medium than crystal!

All of the crystal bowls that were used in sound production were varieties of quartz, which is composed of silicon dioxide.  The silicon and oxygen atoms within it bond according to a hexagonal configuration that conducts electromagnetic energy through it.  The symmetrical structure of the crystal lattice gives the tones a more pure sound than other mediums such as a piano, guitar or violin that have a less organized structure. Because quartz is composed of silica, its primary purpose is communication.  Silica forms semi-conducting crystals that transmit, receive, store, and amplify information.  Therefore, the crystal bowl is a natural audio system and is ideal for transmitting the beauty of healing harmonics. The bowls used were all created to be tuned to the A=432hz spectrum and sound harmoniously in the pythagorean scale!

#3: The Intention

Intent is invisible yet it colors all we do. As healers, we realize that the intent through which the sound is recorded literally goes into the music. As sound healer Steven Halpern says, "Sound is a carrier-wave of consciousness." So, when we create our tones, our initial intent is for the healing energy of the harmonics to bring the body, mind ans spirit into balance. The purity of this intent is carried all the way through the recording with a single-minded focus and playing the bowls and tuning through the heart space!


#4: Professionally Recorded Sound


My tones were professionally recorded in-studio with my producer, Jaime Estalella. Jaime is a Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist, producer, mixing/mastering engineer, composer and sound designer. He currently works at Fab Factory Studios, one of the leading recording facilities in LA.

There are few crystal tones that have ever been recorded with such clarity and intent to capture the real sound of the crystal bowls like our tones. Recording with Jaime was a profound and awesome experience!

#5  The Technique

You might think that one person playing the crystal bowls might sound the same as another -but to the well-trained ear- the sound is very different. Give our hundreds of hours playing the crystal bowls, the techniques we use have been refined and polished over the years. Also, there is simply 'being one' with the sound as it is created in the moment. It is the combination of technique and playing from the heart that make our tones and music an unforgettable experience!