How It Works

The Journey of A Single Sound

Sound healing is a life-changing practice that brings the vibration of the body, mind and spirit back into harmony and vitality. Whether it’s a rigid body such as a chair or an elastic body like our own, everything is in a state of vibration!

This cymatic experiment shows us that the structure of matter changes depending on the frequency of its vibration.




“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” -Nikola Tesla



On a physical level, vibration is the periodic pulsation of particles from the center of an aggregate to its edge and from the edge back to its center.

This might sound complex but we can see a really simple example of it in our own hearts. The heart is pulsing from its center to its outside membrane. This continuous expansion and contraction of our heartbeat is the vibration that tells us that we are alive and well!

Since sound is an expression of vibration, it is possible to use the power of sound to bring us back to a vibration of health, harmony and wholeness.


  Toning into the bowl, resonating with the harmonic overtones that heal the body!

Toning into the bowl, resonating with the harmonic overtones that heal the body!

When it comes to sound healing, my greatest gift is being able to hear bioacoustic emissions, the sound vibrations that are produced inside the body.  I use this ability to tune in to your physical, mental and emotional energies that are out of harmony. Then, I focus the sound of my voice and crystal singing bowls on the parts of your body that correspond with the disharmonious energies. Eventually, the power of the sound and a shared healing intention bring your body, mind and spirit back to resonating with your natural state of health and harmony.

You might feel a huge emotional release, see colors and visions or experience the deepest relaxation of your life. In any case, once you are tuned, you will feel more like your true self and you will see the steps you need to take on the path of your perfect life. The incredible bliss and clarity of a sound healing will inspire you to stay tuned!

That is the short version of HOW sound healing works. If you want to go deeper you have to know WHY it works!


Sound HEALING CAN BE SPOKEN of, but it truly must be hear to be believed!


Why It Works


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The Power of Resonance



Resonance is the rate at which an object most naturally wants to vibrate. For example, a “C” tuning fork has a natural frequency of 256hz (hz is the unit used to measure sound vibration). So, when we strike the tuning fork, it vibrates at 256hz and we hear a ‘C’ note. Now lets say we struck this ‘C’ tuning fork and another C tuning fork five feet away also starts to vibrate without anyone striking it. This is the phenomenon of sympathetic resonance: when vibrating one body sets another body into motion because it has a similar harmonic vibration. In the case of the tuning forks, the first fork imparts some of its energy to the second one, which caused the two to vibrate together in harmony. If the second fork had been a “D” fork instead, the “C” fork could not have made it vibrate because it didn’t have the ‘right vibration’ to set it into motion.




The principle of sympathetic resonance is key in sound healing because it is the bridge that connects the sound healer’s voice/instruments to the bodies’ energy centers. When I tune my voice to the frequency of an energy center, they are in sympathetic resonance due to sharing a similar vibration. If I feel that the energy center is already in a state of harmony, my harmonic voice can easily deepen the natural resonance of the center. However, if I feel my voice is resonating with a disharmonious energy, then I will need to shift the energy back to its natural frequency. In either case, I am relying on the process of entrainment to return the energy center to a deeper state of harmony.


Getting in Sync with Entrainment


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Entrainment is a phenomenon of sound in  which the powerful rhythmic vibrations of one object will cause the less powerful vibrations of another object to lock in step and vibrate at the first object’s rate. For example, if I had a large grandfather clock and a smaller one whose pendulum was swinging at a different speed, the stronger vibration of the large clock would entrain the weaker vibration of the smaller clock to swing in unison with the large clock.  In sound healing, the stronger vibration of the healer’s voice causes the weaker vibration of a person’s energy center to lock in step with it and return to its natural state of harmonic resonance. Entrainment shows us that it is always possible to shift our energy centers from resonating with stressful frequencies to resonating with the natural frequencies of health and vitality.



Even inanimate objects come into spontaneous order through harmonic synchronization! (





We usually think about intention as what we want to happen. In sound healing, a ‘good’ intention is not “I want to be healthy and wealthy” but “I am healthy and wealthy.” These two intentions carry completely different vibrations! The “I am” intention tunes us into how we already have what we want within us while the “I want or I need” intention sends the message to our cells and the universe that we lack a certain state.


Either way, like attracts like so the energy we put out is what attracts more of that same energy!

Therefore, the key to intention is to feel into how we already resonate with the energy of intention  so that the sound can deepen our resonance with the intended state. This is how we entrain ourselves to be in harmony! Your intention will not be effective if you don’t have the power of belief behind it. If you say “I am wealthy” but your wallet is empty, your subconscious mind will not believe you and you will still feel poor. But, if you put a few dollars in your wallet and say “I am becoming wealthier every day,” this shift in perception can make your subconscious mind believe you are becoming wealthier!





Renowned sound healer Steve Halpern states, “Sound is a carrier wave of consciousness.” According to sound healer Jonathan Goldman, “This means that depending on where an individual’s awareness is placed when he creates a certain sound, the sound will carry information on that state to the person receiving it.” So, one has to be very focused to keep the conscious intent clear because the quality of that consciousness is felt by the receiver!








Sound healing is all about the feeling! The intention you set determines the intensity of the sound as you will not receive any energy that is too much for you to handle! When the healing begins, you enter a state of deep meditative relaxation. The soothing sounds of the crystal bowls and voice make you feel like you’ve been transported to another world! Some people see colors or have a spiritual vision but everyone feels the peace that sound brings to their body, mind and spirit. As the bowls harmonize the frequencies of your energy centers, you hear the sound quality improve.  

You may even feel ‘stuck’ energies leave your body as your energy centers return to resonating at their natural frequencies. Since the healing can dredge up suppressed emotions, you may feel an emotional release during the healing.


These releases are a beautiful way of embracing every aspect of your self and your life without any judgment. Sound healing helps you to feel where the ‘negative’ thought patterns and emotions are manifesting pain within your body, so that they may be released. By letting go of all that no longer serves you, you create space for the light to shine through your shadows and reveal your true nature!

The sound and the healer are a catalyst for the healing. You are the one who has to consciously want to heal because it is your body, mind and spirit that does the healing and returns to wholeness. The sound is there to hold you on its waves and be the space for your transformation. While you are the only one who can liberate yourself from suffering,  the whole universe is there to support you on your path to drop your ego, learn from your circumstances and celebrate the creativity and love within your soul!

Listen to the enchanting sounds of the zaphir chimes



As the healing ends, you drift back to consciousness to the sound of zaphir chimes. Your body feels renewed and rejuvenated and your mind feels quiet and content. The sound healing may have been an emotional rollercoaster or a journey to an even deeper inner-peace, but either way there is a profound feeling of gratitude for the homecoming of the self. The sound may continue a deep healing process for the next few days, but the resonance -the feeling of the healing- lasts a lifetime!





The sound healing session begins with you lying down on a padded mat surrounded by singing bowls. The space is cleared with palo santo and essential oils as you focus on the intention for the session in the heart chakra at the center of your chest. Then, I play a bowl by moving my mallet around the bowl’s rim. I listen for disharmony within the frequency of the bowl, which acts like a mirror for the state of your energy centers. If the bowl sounds harmonious, then you are in tune. If not, we have some work to do! We all have some disharmonious frequencies in our energy field but I focus first on the biggest imbalances. Once I find a disharmonious energy center to work with, I match the sound of my voice to the frequency of the energy center.

It’s important to first take you where you are at to get you to where you want to go! Next, through the process of entrainment, I change the pitch of my voice little by little as I tone into the bowl. As I tone, my harmonic voice begins to sound more clearly which reflects your energy center entraining back to its natural frequency. The bowl reflects this return of harmony to the energy center as its sound also becomes more deeply resonant, rich and pure! By following the frequency of the voice, your body’s “frequency following response” allows it to easily lock back in step with its own natural harmony.


As I work through the stuck emotional and mental patterns of your energy field, the sound opens the space to release the stress frequencies and return to the natural frequencies of health and vitality. The purity of the sound overrides the noise and constant thinking of the egomind and you feel the deepest relaxation from totally letting go to the flow of the sound. The healing ends by reaffirming your initial intention and dedicating yourself to flowing with the patterns of positivity and vitality that ensure you don’t invite the stressful frequencies back into your body or your life. Following through on your intentions is not always easy. That’s why it’s important to bring yourself back into resonance with the natural state of peace and clarity you felt during the healing when you are in a state of disharmony. By constantly returning to your natural harmonic state, you come to embody it more and more. Sound healing is a constant reminder to live in the present moment, the only place where you can manifest your intention to live the life of your dreams!


What Instruments Are Used?

Brian and Caileigh use crystal bowls, crystal pyramids, tibetan bowls, gongs, seed shakers, zaphir chimes, rainsticks and the sounds of nature to create the most heartfelt healing sounds! But the best instrument they have is their voices combined with the purity of their healing intention!