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Ocean of Light Sound Healing


Location: 231 Salem St., Wakefield, MA, 01880 - Mun Su Sah Temple


There is place you can go so deeply that you become it.
This place is so 'you' that there is no separation. You are at the essence. We can't think ourselves there and we can't force the feeling. We must let go ... soften ... and find ourselves there with no effort at all. This is the ocean of light, the sea of love
that contains the spark of every soul in one harmonious purity of simply being. 

So let me take you there, cuz I'm going to! Not strawberry fields,
but back to the sea! It helps that we'll be in the beautiful Mun Su Sah Temple (heated of course!)

Join Caileigh and I as we create the sounds of the ocean so you can remember what that bliss of pure being feels like! Through crystal bowls, rainmakers, shakers and more, we will take you there, to that which is nameless, timeless and boundary-less As we surrender and let go into Presence we lose all distinction between the outer world and the inner world. We simply are and connect to our I AM presence!

PLUS - For the first 20 people that arrive we are gifting a colorful carribean seashell or mini-conch!

Much love and see you in the sound,


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