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Tantric Sound Healing


It's not what you think, it's so much more!  Tantra goes back 5,000 years but it was only in the last two hundred that Tantra became associated with sex in the Western imagination.

But what does Tantra even mean anyhow?

The Sanskrit root tan means the warping of threads on a loom. It implies "interweaving of traditions and teachings as threads" into a text, technique or practice.

In the spirit of this meaning, the Tantric sound healing will be focused on practices woven together from different traditions. We will do breathwork with sound and crystal tones, using the sonic energy to balance each side of our body and then weave the energies together -like DNA helicase- in the center channel of our spine. This is the stuff kundalini awakenings are made of people!

As you listen to the dance of Brian and Caileigh's voices, you will resonate with the balance between the yin and yang within you and heal these aspects of humanity as a whole!

Who is ready to make it rain the Ascension!? Let's go!!!

Healing will be held at The Buddhist Zen Temple, 231 Salem St., Wakefield, MA 01880

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