Costa Rica 2019 FAQ Form


Book your flight arriving into San Jose Costa Rica (SJO) on Friday, March 1st.  The Retreat Shuttle will pick up the group early at 7:30AM from Hotel La Rosa De America on March 2nd. Book your Return Flight departing on March 8th after 2:00 pm. Transfer back to San José airport from the Diamante Center is at 7:00am March 8th, with arrival to the airport around 12:30pm. Again, to give your-self enough time, we recommend booking return flights home at 2:00pm or later. If You’re already in Costa Rica you can meet us for lunch at Café Mono Congo in Dominical on March 8th around noon. Kayak and Google Flights have great deals for $300 roundtrip!




Shuttle or taxi from the airport to the hotel is available & more details on the price will be provided closer to the retreat date!




We will plan to have Rooms Reserved at La Rosa De America for our retreat guests. Hotel check-in is after 2pm. You will pay for your room when you arrive at the hotel. This is not included in the retreat. Email Brian at to reserve your spot in a room. The price of your hotel room on March 1st will vary based on your preference. Please state your room preference upon signing up on our registration form, and note whether you would like a twin or a double bed. Rita will do her best to accommodate you based on availability.

    • A double room is $60.00*

    • A triple room is $40.00-$45.00* for a standard room vs. a superior room.

    • A quadruple room is $32.00-$35.00 for a standard vs. superior room.

*prices before tax



Your retreat begins when our shuttle picks everyone up at La Rosa de America at 7:30am March 2nd after breakfast. You will enjoy a scenic ride with your new friends to a beautiful beach and restaurant for lunch (Included), followed by arrival at the Diamante Center.



Costa Rica government requires that all US citizens and International guests present a valid passport that will not expire for at least six (6) months after your arrival, in order to enter the country



Leave the high heels home! The Diamante Valley in Costa Rica is beach casual everywhere. Bring bug spray, sunscreen, hat, water bottle, sundresses for dinner, comfortable workout clothes during the day, and don't forget the swimsuit. Yoga mats are provided or you can bring your own. We have provided a more detailed packing list on pages 3-4.



The Diamante Valley has two main seasons- Dry (December to April) and Green (May to November). As with all things the weather will change- so best to check your 10 day forecast for the dates you are staying with us.



After you get your luggage on March 2nd, walking outside you will get a taxi to the hotel “La Rosa de America.” Taxi rides will cost approximately $25/person. Check-in at the hotel begins at 2PM on February 28th. The complementary shuttle for the retreat center will depart on the morning of March 1st from La Rosa De America at 7:30 AM, following breakfast!




Costa Rican currency is in Colones. The US dollar is widely accepted. If you pay in USD you will most likely get Colones in change. We advise you to bring what you think you'll need for the week. The exchange rate is best when using ATM’s rather than exchanging money at the bank or airport. There is an ATM in the baggage claim of the airport in Costa Rica. We suggest that you use this to get your first Costa Rican money. The conversion rate usually hovers around 500 Colones to 1 Dollar. When you depart Costa Rica, there is a $29 USD departure tax payable at the aiport with USD/Costa Rican cash or VISA, Matercard or American Express. This tax must be paid before you check in for your flight.


DO WE PROVIDE YOGA MATS?  YES ... and wooden blocks made of mango Tree!



You will have the amazing opportunity to give back to the local community while you are on retreat! We have organized an optional 2-3 hour volunteer service trip that will either be with children from the local school (we will be teaching them yoga) or planting trees. Feel free to bring some extra money or school supplies for optional donations!



We will have yoga sessions twice a day on the retreat. However, if you would like a personal or couples yoga session with Rita or Caileigh, we can arrange this for the cost of $65/hour. Brian will be giving two group sound healings but a private sessions can be arranged with him for $65/hour. Caileigh and Rita also offer private Detoxification Consultations and Personalized Herbal Protocols for $65/hour. You will have the opportunity to sign up for these sessions upon arrival to The Diamante Center.



Most excursions are paid in cash only. Plan to sign up at least 24 hours in advance for each excursion activity that you want to do! Transportation to the beginning destination of all adventures is not included.


  • Private Detox Consult with Rita $60 & Amazonian Herbs $10

  • Private Sound Healing with Brian $65/hour

  • Private Yoga Session, Detox Consult and/or Life Coaching with Caileigh $65/hour

  • Surfing- $10.00 for a board, $55.00 for a private lesson (cash is best)

  • Outing taxi $25.00 round trip (cash)

  • Flying Trapeeze $80.00 (cash)

  • Tree planting around $25.00 (cash) price not confirmed

  • Other excursions: ziplining, hiking to waterfalls, massages, acupuncture treatments, horseback riding, ATV riding  



Overlooking the stunning panoramic landscape of the Diamante Valley, the Diamante Center is a dining experience like no other. A blissful, nautical ambience with food you’ll want to devour.

Embracing the simplicity of food in a pleasant and home-style setting, everything possible is made here.

Every healthy detail in the kitchen has been taken care of. We use only the freshest of fresh ingredients. We have our very own herb garden, and fresh fruit goes into making an array of rejuvenating smoothies.

With our menu you will certainly find something that hits the spot!

Breakfast: 9:15-10:20AM

Lunch Dinner: 1PM –2PM

Dinner: 6-7:30PM


Packing List & What to Bring:

We suggest bringing only one suitcase that you are comfortable handling and that is easy to use/move, and one daypack.

Clothing appropriate for the weather you will be visiting and comfortable clothing for hanging out, hiking, and even getting a bit dirty sometimes (if you are involved in a service program). A long sleeve shirt or a light jacket for cool evening , rain gear (depending on country and time of year), sun hat, swimsuit,  Dress for meals is very casual but some people like to bring a few things a bit nicer for dinner just for fun.

Small umbrella (depending on time of year)

A flashlight and/or headlamp for the nights.

Basic First Aid Kit, prescription drugs and prescription glasses

Earplugs (in case the monkeys… or your roommate keeps you up)

Insect Repellent (especially for mosquitoes)

Sarong for beach locations

Sunscreen/Aloe (our pick: a Blue Lizard & a Zinc Stick for the surf)

Bug Spray (our pick: Repel Lemon Eucalyptus)

Rash Guard and or Wetsuit (if you plan to surf) *

A few bathing suits


A pair of sandals/flip flops

Light pants and long sleeve shirt (the nights get a little chilly!)

Phone, camera, and chargers for your devices-they will have wifi

Shampoo & conditioner (Biodegradable if possible and check with center as they may supply)

Yoga mat or Travel Mat, blanket, and meditation shawl

Water bottle

Pocket size English/Language Dictionary

A basic camera with spare batteries and memory card. Voltage in South/Central American countries is 110 volts like in North America.

If traveling to Europe, a 2 pin European adapter

Passport and a copy of your passport

Copy of your flight itinerary (Sometimes they will request them at customs)

Some cash and an ATM card if possible

Departure Tax depending on country

Extra money, for gifts, tips and other expenditures you may need cash for.


Paradise Within Retreat Schedule March 1st – 8th 2019

Day Zero Friday, March 1st

Arrive at hotel and settle in, informal welcome celebration

Day One: Saturday March 2nd

7 AM— Breakfast at Hotel (complementary)

7:30 AM—Retreat Begins & Shuttle pick up at Hotel La Rosa De America

11:30 AM—Arrive at the beach in Dominical

12:00- 1:00PM—Lunch at Cafe Mono Congo  

1-4PM—Beach hangout, option to surf (surf boards are $10.00, private lessons are around $55.00)

4-5PM—Drive to Retreat Center and Tour of Center with our Coordinator Happe!

5-6PM—Relax & Settle in


7-8PM—Sound-healing & Intention setting ceremony for the week


Day Two: Sunday March 3rd

8:00-9:15 AM— Morning Yoga and Crystal Bowls with Caileigh & Brian (Yoga Shala)

9:15-10:15AM— Breakfast

10:45 AM-12:45 PM— Permaculture & Land Tour

1PM—Delicious Lunch

2PM-3:30PM—Waterfall Exploration & Relaxation time

3:30-4:30 PM— Yoga Workshop at Shala

5:00-6:00 PM—Iridology and Amazonian Herb Workshop

6:30-7:30 PM—Dinner & Hangout, music, laugh, games & play!


Day Three: Monday March 4th

7:30-8:15 AM—Morning Meditation by the water-fall with Brian

8:20-9:20 AM—Yoga with Caileigh & Crystal Bowls with Brian (Yoga Shala)


10:30AM-12:30PM— Flying trapeze optional ($80.00 for two hours, includes pickup)

1:00PM— Lunch

2-3:30PM—Waterfall, hangout, journaling & personal time

3:30-4:30PM—Yoga (Yoga Shala)

5:00-6:00PM—Spiritual Workshop with Caileigh & Brian (Yoga Shala)

6:30-7:30PM—Community dinner party—Come meet local members of the community with a big dinner party followed by fire, music, dancing & hanging out!

8:30-9:30PM—Sound healing with Brian by the fire!


Day Four: Tuesday March 5th

8:15-9:15AM— Pranayama & Yoga with Rita (Yoga Shala)

9:30-10:30 AM— Breakfast

10:30-11:30AM— Regenerative detoxification lesson


3:30PM—Volunteer in the local school or planting trees!

5-6PM—Cacao Ceremony & Singing (Yoga Shala)

6:30PM—Dinner & relaxation time!


Day Five: Friday March 6th

8:15-9:00AM— Yoga with Caileigh & Crystal Bowls with Brian

9:00-9:30AM— Breakfast hangout

9:30AM— Leave for Tinamastes Organic Market & Beach ($25/person for transportation roundtrip)

1PM—Travel from Market to Beach & Lunch to-go

2PM—Beach outing & sunset in Dominical (surfing optional)

4:30PM—Restorative yoga with Rita

6:30PM—Dinner & relaxation time!


Day Six: Saturday March 7th

8:15-9:15AM—Begin Sacred Silence Morning with Pranayama by Rita (Yoga Shala)

9:30AM-12PM—Juice, fruit, coconut water fast vision fast, personal time Silent,

1PM-2PM—Guided Nature-Meditation Walk

3:30PM-4:30—Yin Yoga with Caliegh & Break Sacred Silence

5:00-6:30PM—Dinner Party & Celebration! (break fast)

7:00-8:30PM—Debrief sacred silence, share stories and experiences by the fire

9:00-10:00PM— Final Ceremony & Sound Healing under the stars


Day Seven: Sunday March 8th

7:00-7:30 AM—Breakfast/goodbye

7:30AM—Shuttle leaves for San Jose with

12:30PM—Arrive at airport