Breathe of Love Retreat - A Time to Transform!

Breathe of Love is very simple. Can we take each inhale with the spirit of love and exhale love with all our hearts? This is the question that Peru calls us to answer in every moment. The inhale and exhale is the natural balance of giving and receiving. There is no taking by force here. There is only the gentle presence of the mountains -the apus- urging us through their very presence to come back into balance with ourselves and the Earth. 

We have been given this breath to love life, not fear it - and our retreat is a chance to change - to step out of your comfort zone and feel who you are in a space of transformation. On a spiritual level, Peru itself is a place of transformation unlike any other. It seems that whatever we are thinking and feeling -good or bad- shows up in our daily adventures more quickly and powerfully. The spirit of the land comes our to play and mirror back to us what we are sending out: this is why we focus so much on sending out -on exhaling - our true selves so we may inhale and receive more of who we are: love, abundance, joy and creative expression! Peru's simple yet ornate outer beauty -from it's people to its culture - bring out our own inner-beauty. At the Wilka Tika Retreat Center where we'll be staying - there are seven gardens for each chakra. Each garden has flowers of one of the seven colors of the rainbow! Stepping into each one, you can feel the energy change - calling you to sit, reflect and surrender whatever needs to shift in the area of your life that corresponds to the chakra. The vibrant colors and fragrant smells puts you in a space where you can be peaceful and go deep. Speaking of going deep ...

The sound healing and yoga we do on retreat is also meant to draw us more deeply into the breath of love. In yoga, our practice is only as good as our present breathe. Each movement gives us the opportunity to be in divine alignment as well as physical alignment by following the rhythm of our breathe to allow perfection in every posture!

With sound healing, we focus on the sound and let the ego chatter go. In this space, we are open to the magic. We may see colors, go on a vision quest or feel deeply healed after a healing - and it's all because we get our ego out of the way, surrender to the sound and let the divine bring us back into balance. In the toning that we practice, we learn how to open our hearts through our voices. Deva Premal says "When you sing, your heart opens. That's why all religions and traditions have made so much of singing in their rituals. When the hear opens, you feel good. It's that simple." That's why I love helping others to open up their voices and sing their truth and joy in celebration! I communicate with the higher aspect of my being through sound - so even writing this now - A beautiful tone comes in - to remind me that this is one of my callings!

The last night of our last Peru retreat epitomizes the spirit of our Breath of Love retreat. Who thought walking over hot coals would be a good idea? Well when you do some qui gong with your new friends first and cheer each other on - you feel the rush of adrenaline and the knowing that YOU CAN DO IT, whatever IT is! That's the magic of Peru: knowing you are fully supported to choose love and give your unique gifts back with every breathe you take!



There is so much more awesome packed into this retreat but this is just a taste!

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Brian Russo