Seeing from the Center


This morning between being in a dream and fully waking up, I had a vision, I saw a rift in this reality and a play of outer-space unfolded before me, I saw entire galaxies and planets swirl around me, and there was this bright shining light in the center of it all. The Light was the Source - the limitless oneness - that gave rise to every universe. And I psychically understood that this outerspace was also my innerspace and how all the 'planets' are energies that I am experiencing in my life. When the planets change alignment, I experience a change in energy and what is going on in my life. The message was to not attach to any of these energies as ultimately being my Self. They are all just different vantage points from which to know the infinite creative potential of the universe and each occurs in divine timing. It is our own sovereignty that keeps the planets either playing out the same circumstances out of fear an attachment or expanding us ever freshly in love and creativity!

No matter what you choose,  the living metaphor here is that Source is aligning the planets/energies of our lives so that in each moment we get to experience the dynamic play of duality in the journey of our being returning to the oneness of Source. In one moment we may be more influenced by the feminine energy (think alignment with Venus) or another lifetime may be marked by the masculine energy. In all these countless positions of incarnations, we feel these energies as part of ourselves as they color the feeling of our consciousness. But remember, even though these energies filter our experience of reality, they are part of the play.

We are not meant to deny the play of dualities we see before our eyes, we are merely meant to draw back the curtain and transcend them. In doing so, we discover that all these relative positions experienced by our being (from gender to life circumstances etc.) appear to be very distinct from one another -totally different alignments of planets! This is the view we normally see that I mention at the beginning; where we are looking from the outside in and see all the planets swirling around the one great light of source.



But what if we saw from the inside out? Like instead of seeing a blackhole from our universe, what if we could peer back at our selves from the center of the blackhole! Metaphorically -this is what it's like to see from Source - from the center of our ultimate existence. From here, we see that all the relative selves we experienced helped us to grow, create and expand in our journey, but that ultimately, we were one with the Source!

On one hand, all those energies of duality -masculine and feminine, dark and light -are passing through us as we experience and create through our unique self. On the other hand, we are all one; eternally at the zero-point of stillness where no duality can exist. This is the source of all things yet it does not negate our experiences within the realm of duality, it only enriches the dynamic play and knowing of Source within itself!

It defies the mind to know ourselves as simultaneously one and distinct -because they are total opposites- but this is exactly what is required of us to transcend duality. Accept that you will always be unique and completely one with the Source of Limitless love that is your essence.

You uniquely weave your relative journey through the cosmos and at the same time you are at one with all in the absolute perfection of everything. To hold both paths as one is to live your life in grace with the blessing of every breathe. Once you know yourself as oneness, how can you not walk in love with your brothers and sisters in all creation? 


You may forget your true nature of luminous love, but the greatest teachers guide you back to yourself through the experiences the YOUniverse dishes up for you! There is no more room for fear when you see from the oneness. It is done. Over. The feeling of constriction that you are bound to your current circumstance and cannot change dissolves in the flow of all possibilities. It's all quite funny from the right perspective! As soon as you let go of fear, you rediscover the space to transform and create in joy! Duality no longer has to divide us against one another. Seeing races, cultures and creeds celebrate their difference and uniting beyond them to create a world of peace and love we all can share shows us the power of oneness! So lets each ad our spark to the fire and shine forever brightly, transforming this world of duality to be in harmony with the unity in our hearts. Keep your channel clear and align with the love you wish to be! Shine one, shine all!


Brian Anahata

Brian Russo